Our Goals

Purpose of SCI

SCI’s goal is to promote peace, international understanding and solidarity, social justice, sustainable development, and respect for the environment. SCI believes that all people are capable of mutually respecting and resorting to any form of violence to resolve their conflicts.

SCI believes that it can achieve its goal in the following ways:

  • Acting as a catalyst, with a spirit of collaboration and acceptance of diversity to achieve change within individuals and society.
  • Strengthening victims of social, economic and political injustice, violence, and those suffering from hunger, illness, or the destruction of their environment.
  • Taking appropriate non-violent international action in cases of tension, war or social injustice.
  • Supporting action that encourages the development of a way of life based on international solidarity, justice, mutual understanding, participation in policy making at all levels, and respect for individuals as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Promoting and organizing voluntary activities in partnership with local communities as well as other local, national and international organizations, as a means of encouraging greater trust between people of different social, cultural, political or religious backgrounds by working, learning and living together.
  • Developing people’s initiative to self-organize in order to address their problems.
  • Not undertaking any work that stands against paid work or causes a strike split.
  • Seeking the introduction of a non-violent international voluntary service as an alternative to military service with the ultimate aim of abolishing it.

This list is not restrictive and should be interpreted in the broadest sense.

SCI does not conduct commercial operations and does not intend to provide any material advantage to its members. It can carry out any activity directly or indirectly related to its purpose. It may cooperate and participate in any activity or association consistent with its purpose.