Κίνηση Εθελοντών SCI Ελλάς

Act for Peace!


Are you interested in taking the first steps in Arabic? Maybe Hindi? Czech, Farsi, Portuguese, Hebrew, Urdu, Italian? Athens is becoming more and more multicultural and there is so much one can learn from this!

The work of SCI has been, for almost 100 years, building Bridges of Peace among people and cultures. Learning a new language is like creating a bridge to a new culture and that is why last December SCI Hellas offered to you the possibility of laying the first brick of a bridge to different languages and cultures of other people living in the neighborhood.  

Each course of 9 hours (divided in 3 weekly sessions) was an introduction to the language and culture associated with the language, including the alphabet, non-verbal communication patterns, basic conversation skills and cultural highlights, all in a very interactive and practical way. 

New version of language and culture lessons in 2016

As you might know we have started a new project in December - The introduction to the languages of Athens and as we have many positive reactions, we would like to continue in a new expanded version. The participants got the first touch of the language and many of them are interested to learn more so we will start with regular lessons, following still the same methodology. Of course, the lessons will be open for everybody who is interested, not just for people who participated in the introduction.

  • IDEA: SCI Hellas is organizing language and culture lessons. Mainly native speakers living in Athens will teach basic grammar and vocabulary of their language and at the same time introduce the culture of the country that the language is spoken. The idea in to organize and intercultural exchange and understand better the language and the culture of people that are trying to get to know and understand the Greek language and culture. 
  • WHEN: The lessons will be happening for 4 months from February till May. All the lessons in the two weeks from the 1st February till the 12th February are open lessons; that means that you can come and meet the teacher, the other students and us.  
  • WHERE: SCI Hellas office, Pythagora 12, at Neos Kosmos metro station  
  • PRACTICAL INFORMATION: At the end of the first lesson, everyone who wants to participate pays the first month of the lessons. The participation fee is 40 Euro per European languages and 50 Euro for non-European languages. Each class will have from 5 – 8 students.
  • APPLY: Please, if you want to participate in the lessons or learn more information, contact us at inclusion@sci.gr.
  • NOTE: Most of the lessons are for beginners or for people with basic knowledge. If you are interested in conversation in a language that we propose just basic lesson, please contact us. 

There is a lot to choose from. The schedule is the following one:

10.00 - 11.00

11.00 - 12.00


12.00 - 13.00


13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

15.00 - 16.00
16.00 - 17.00
17.00 - 18.00

18.00 - 19.00English conversation
19.00 - 20.00English conversation
20.00 - 21.00English conversation

We are thinking about opening also classes of Turkish, German, Mandarin Chinese and maybe some other. We will upload any news here and in our Facebook.

 Introduction of the teachers

Yonous Muhammadi is from Afghanistan. His teaching history is the following one.From 1995 to 1997, teacher in Afghanistan.From 1998 to 2001, from time to time, was teaching in hidden-illegal schools for refugee children in Iran,where refugees' children don't have the right to education. And since autumn 2015 continues with a lot of energy teaching Farsi language in Athens Greece.

Chaok Kim is a certified Korean teacher of Ministry of Education of Korea. She lives in Athens now due to her 3years leave from her job. She had studied in the University of Texas in US supported by Fulbright Scholarship. While she had been there, shewas doing Korean language and culture program for American students.This experience will for sure help her teaching style also in our project, do you want to come and see?

Dina Bilić is a Croatian girl with MA in Education and she has experience in teaching foreign languages in public and private schools. This is a great opportunity to teach her native language to whoever is interested!Basic teaching materials will be copies from the book Croatian for beginners and other materials found on internet (for ex. variety of Balkan songs and movies). She believes that most of the students would like to learn some basics for communication purpose and pick up some phrases and dialogues that can come handy if you are a tourist in some Balkan country (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, etc.). She hopes you will join her on this language journey!

Martina Krátká is a Czech girl living in Greece for almost 4 years. She is coordinating various projects, activities and events in SCI Hellas, translating and teaching Czech from time to time. Although she is not a professional teacher, she has many experiences from learning various languages; each language makes her think of her own language in a different perspective. She likes to combine teaching of basic phrases and grammar with sharing thoughts about languages and culture in her lessons and discuss with the students.

Galatios Siganos is Greek but he has always had a keen interest in Scandinavia, its people and its culture. This made him move to Scandinavia and spend 7 whole years there. In Swedish and Norwegian he will first make an introduction to vowels and you will learn how to distinguish them. You will then learn how to use the noun and its cases, pronouns and the tenses. As you progress you will study other more complex grammatical points using vocabulary from everyday life and learning useful verbs. During the course he will place adequate emphasis on the pronunciation and speaking.

Yael Kenny is from Israel and is living in Greece for about 1 year.In the course you will learn and research together the Hebrew language, and the people, culture and politics who use it. You will look into the core issues that are stirring in the middle-east and attempt to engage, from our unique perspective, in the current discourse of the political situation in Israel-Palestine.

Simon is from northern England. He has been living in Athens for 2 years, studying for his PhD. He is offering lessons where you will practice English in a fun way. You will have group debates discussing different issues, watch videos, listen to music and play games! The lessons will focus on the culture and language of the United Kingdom.

Stella is an experienced teacher of Russian language. She has studied for 1 year in Kiev in Ukraine and for 5 years in St. Petersburg in Russia. The students will have the opportunity to get to know not just Russian language but also Russian culture though the work of great Russian poets, writers and though cinema.

Ahmed Alhumadi is Iraqi medical doctor, currently he has a post of a graduate student in Athens for more than 2 years. Since he descends from multicultural community and backgrounds and he is a native speaker of Arabic, he is going to introduce the language and the cultural issues of the Arabic speaking countries and mainly Iraq in friendly atmosphere.

Alessandra was born in Milan, where she grewup and did the first years of the university. In her 23 she has moved to Berlin, where shestarted working and improving herknowledge of German. After one year she felt she needed to go back to her sunny country and started studying International Cooperation and Human Rights in Bologna. Later she went for one year for Erasmus to Istanbul where she had a lot of incredible experiences. After she came back, she worked to gain enough resources to survive for a while and then she quit her job and moved to Rome, where she started aninternship in SCI Italy. It changed her life, her perspectives and it made her believe there is stillsomething good in humanity ;) From SCI Italy it’s just one step to SCI Hellas, she came as EVS volunteer. Well, the rest of the story is that Athens and Greece are so beautiful that there is no other flight ready for her, yet ;)

Julia happens to be French and to live in Greece, from Paris to Athens, from philosophy and sociologystudies to translation from Greek to French. Before she moved to Greece she learned the bases of thelanguage (grammar, simple conversation, pronunciation) but also she had lessons about music,cinema, history. All of this was through a university program, but, considering that this kind ofteaching is not so easy to find in Athens for little money, her purpose as a teacher would be to offerthe same diversity of material. Participating in this project, she'd also like to propose analternative kind of organisation – beyond the pupil/teacher relationship – which means that thediversity she was mentioning implies all the participants of the lessons: the richness of the classdepends on the people's desire to learn about specific fields and to share their interest about French culture and language.

Maria is a visual artist born and raised in Madrid, who for the last three years has been living in Athens. With her you can learn Spanish in a fun and interesting way based on culture, art and music of Spain and Latin America .¡Te esperamos!

Hritasha Brahma is from India and studies here in Greece. She studies psychology and with the help of it she wants to help creating value in society. She loves interacting with different people from all over the world; and what is easier way to do that than teaching? She would love to share her language and culture with others. India is a vast country filled with religion, language and culture. It’s a home to very helpful and humble people who have a smile on their faces and welcome everyone. If you would like to know more about her country, culture and people, then please join these classes!

Admiljan Droboniku was born in Albania, where he lived until the age of 15. He had moved to Athens, studied Political Science and History at Panteion University and later graduated from the Department of Mediterranean Studies (University of the Aegean, Rhodes) with specialization in Linguistics. In Rhodes he taught Albanian for the first time. His interests include both the teaching and learning of foreign languages.